Top 10 Conversational AI Solutions Companies – 2022

The rapid growth of conversational AI over the past decade has been nothing short of phenomenal. Today, AI-powered chatbots delivering seamless customer experiences have found commonplace in various industries. In an era of increasing connectivity through digital experiences, companies across numerous sectors are looking to adopt conversational AI solutions like chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants with pre-defined workflows to provide more engaging user experiences. This is also helping companies remove the need for constant human intervention, saving employees valuable time to work on more productive tasks.

Along these lines, the conversational AI market is expected to reach almost $14 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 22 percent over the forecast period. The market growth can be primarily attributed to the increasing demand for digital transformation, where organizations are regularly leveraging groundbreaking technologies to optimize business operations and strengthen customer relationships. The rapid growth of the industry can also be credited to the heightening emphasis on improving marketing capabilities for delivering a much more personalized customer experience.

On that note, this edition of CIOReview brings forth the key developments in the conversational AI solutions space that are assisting organizations in achieving an uptick in customer satisfaction and loyalty. It features thought leadership articles from Brian Powers, Customer Experience Officer at Likewize, who highlights the use of virtual assistants to simplify claims submission processes in the insurance industry. It also features observations from Bryan Goodman, Director, AI Advancement Center and Cloud, Ford Motor Company, who advocates the highly innovative use of AI to reshape customer ownership experiences.

Together with the critical insights from industry experts, the edition presents the most promising conversational AI solution providers on the rise, including, Neon AI and Transform9, which are taking conversational AI to new heights. We hope this edition will help you find the right conversational AI solution providers that will empower you to ensure customer satisfaction in an increasingly digital world.

    Top Conversational AI Solutions Companies

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    Almawave is a leader in natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It provides products and services in the field of AI. Some of its products include Audioma, Iride, and its newest products, AIWave and AI Easy

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    Primarily focused on large organizations grossing billions of dollars in revenue, Iterate works with clients from different industries, including healthcare, education, retail, and banking. Iterate licenses its platform as well as pre-built applications developed on the platform

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    Neon AI develops cutting-edge technology for conversational artificial intelligence. Neon AI devices and systems provide enterprise, retail, and individual users with real-time transcription, translation, voice commands, audible advertising, conversation segment reconveyance, contextual notification, and adaptive forums, among many other capabilities

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    Transform9 offers a virtual healthcare call center using an automated, conversational voice and chatbot for physician practices that lets patients communicate how and when they want, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

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    Amplify provides AI-powered consumer engagement superpowers to brands throughout the entire customer journey

  • 6 endeavors to accomplish this with its unrivaled innovation in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to deliver the next generation of human-to-machine interactions in the form of virtual assistants for the benefit of our customers and their employees

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    Krista is an AI-driven intelligent automation platform developed by Krista Software. Krista enables businesses to automate entire business processes by deftly orchestrating people, applications, and artificial intelligence

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    Over 165 enterprise-grade solutions developed by have been deployed by major companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Prudential Financial, the Government of India, Nestle, HDFC Bank, SBI Cards, and many others rely on our technology to improve the customer experience, increase sales, and optimize operations

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    SoundHound Inc. was created in 2005 as a speech and audio recognition firm. It creates speech recognition, natural language comprehension, sound recognition, and search technologies

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    Uniphore is the market leader in Conversational Automation on a global scale. Every day, billions of conversations occur across businesses, including customer service, sales, human resources, and education. Conversations, whether human-to-human, human-to-machine, or machine-to-machine, are the core of all they do and the new enterprise currency