Sciensio: Custom-Built AI Chatbots for Meaningful Interactions

Robert H. Caldwell, Founding Partner & CRO
12-06-2018 : When one of the founders of Sciensio received a text on his phone from a company that described a business offer, he responded to the message with a few questions. Unsurprisingly, his questions went unaddressed because the business did not have appropriate digital platforms and tools to support the customer in that channel. Had he received responses to his queries, he would have become a potential customer. Sound familiar?

Recognizing this void (and the incredible opportunity and power of an automated two-way SMS channel), CEO Chuck Elias and Bob Caldwell co-founded Sciensio. The company delivers complete AI Chatbots built on AI-based conversational platform powered by natural language processing (NLP). “We wanted to build a platform that could leverage the knowledge from its previous interactions with users and easily apply that knowledge in every future communication,” says Caldwell, the founding partner, and CRO at Sciensio. The company develops chatbots that deliver deep and engaging customer conversations on multiple channels such as SMS, Web Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and more to enable users to ask the questions and get the answers they want through any channel, in seconds.

Building a ‘Working’ Bot

“Building a bot is easy; building a bot that works is really difficult,” quips Caldwell. While most vendors in the market try to “boil the ocean” with an all-encompassing bot, they are unable to create a customer service conversation that delivers success to actual customers. This is where Sciensio stands apart by focusing on specific “Jobs To Be Done (JTBD)”. Sciensio starts the chatbots’ implementation process by identifying the Scope (how much do you want the bot to do?) and Scale (for how many, for how long, on how many channels?) of the business problem. Sciensio’s conversational platform delivers a highly customized JTBD AI Chatbot to its clients by integrating finished bots with client data sets.

“We don’t just deliver the accurate response; we deliver the correct response based on what the consumer is really asking for,”says Caldwell. For instance, the accurate response to the question: Do you have a Wi-Fi, is yes, but the company’s bot provides all the details like the network and password to answer the consumer’s question correctly. This concept is called “anticipatory design” and it dramatically increases user satisfaction and overall engagement with the bots.

Amazingly, this relentless focus on anticipatory design and JTBD bots lets Sciensio boast of 94 percent correct response rate and over 70 percent engagement rate by users on questions that can be asked in millions of different ways.

Sciensio has self-service, code free bot templates that can be completed and deployed in less than an hour. The company typically develops and delivers its more complex chatbots to clients within four to six weeks. Caldwell mentions that the process to deploy bots for customers is surprisingly easy for most clients. Sciensio starts by gathering the client’s data from their data sources to create the bot’s framework. When the customers approve the chatbot’s structure, Sciensio proceeds with designing it and delivering a beta for test.

We don’t just deliver the accurate response; we deliver the correct response based on what the consumer is really asking for

After final approval, the bot can go live.

Of course, there will always be cases where the bot is unable to provide an answer because it was not designed to do so or or it did not understand the question. It will ask the user to try again, and if unsuccessful, it quickly redirects the customer to an alternative channel such as a customer service rep, email, or phone. This way, Sciensio ensures that the end customer is redirected to a communication channel that can answer their queries.

EventBots—Customized Interactions with Event Attendees

Interestingly, Sciensio has won over a dozen industry awards for deploying specialized bots for events (EventBots), which can answer the queries of attendees over text, anytime and anywhere without the need to download an app. Leveraging the company’s AI interaction design, the EventBots can respond to thousands of concurrent disparate questions simultaneously. Attendees can be easily notified by text messages of any important announcements or instructions regarding the event, and they can respond to the same number in case of any queries. The company has delivered hundreds of EventBots that enhance client customer engagement in the event management industry. One of the event management companies, BizBash, approached Sciensio to seek assistance for answering guests’ queries for their separate events in Florida, New York, and LA. Sciensio designed an EventBot for BizBash that could answer over four million questions on over 100 distinct topics, and was able to reduce the effort on BizBash’s customer support needs by more than 80 percent.

‘Getting the Job Done’

“We focus on the Job To Be Done for clients using the chatbots and always start the customer journey with a crawl, walk, and run approach. This methodology allows us to gather basic information about our customers by asking them a few fundamental questions regarding their requirements,” explains Caldwell. Sciensio has designed the conversational platform in such a way that it has the ability to carry out e-commerce and ticketing processes, look up a database to search any information, and deliver that data in real time using SMS.

Sciensio assists companies across industry spectrums to deliver rich conversations for their customers who ask the questions and want, quick and accurate answers. Ultimately, the company’s vision is to solve the clients’ business problems intelligently by leveraging technology, and that’s what Sciensio has been working toward since its inception.


Draper, UT

Robert H. Caldwell, Founding Partner & CRO

Delivers AI Chatbots in multiple channels to solve customer service questions quickly and easily. Customers just ask a question and get an answer