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Ashhad Syed, CEO and Co-Founder
Every day it’s clearer that consumers are showing a greater interest in real-time text communication modes such as text messaging and chatting as opposed to traditional voice-based channels.

“Today, the average American spends 26 minutes texting as opposed to 6 minutes on voice calls per day,” highlights Ashhad Syed, co-founder and CEO of ApexChat.

Businesses are running against the clock in pursuit of solutions that would enable them to engage with their customers and prospects through text-based communication modes.

However, most companies don’t have the operational bandwidth to manage chat and SMS communication. This is where ApexChat can make a difference. The company leverages customized invitations and scripts, as well as industry-trained chat agents, to make business communication more engaging and adaptable for better user experience.

When a business adds ApexChat’s service to its website, the chat provider’s dedicated provisioning team identifies the specific needs of the client and develops a ‘customer script’—a customer engagement template—that helps establish the required chatting portfolio.

The team deploys customized chat invitations on the client’s website to offer visitors a convenient option for engagement other than email, phone calls and form submissions. Clients can also take advantage of features such as Facebook Messenger integration or an SMS Text-to-Chat option to further optimize conversions.

ApexChat recognizes that mobile platforms are taking the center stage of business communication. People want an option that’s fast and easy, according to Facebook. Knowing consumers who start chats on their mobile devices are looking for speed and convenience, the company introduced ‘Quick Reply.’ The new feature leverages the company’s investments in predictive text to further enhance the efficiency of its solution suite.

Quick Replies is a predictive text feature that prompts a menu of selections based on coverage, services or other qualifiers allowing the visitor to easily select-instead of type-an answer. These selections are mapped to additional questions based on the visitor’s previous selections. Google uses a similar feature called Smart Replies that streamlines users’ conversations in apps like Allo and Gmail.
“Quick Reply predicts customer’s queries and presents responses so that they can chat on mobile seamlessly,” says Syed.

Although the profile of AI chatbots has increased people still prefer genuine human interaction. They’re not comfortable chatting with bots if a human is unavailable to step in, according to Mindshare’s “Humanity in the Machine” report. Consumers also consider it “creepy” when they’re not warned they’re talking to a bot.

Although Apexchat is investing in AI and natural language processing they choose not to rely on it 100 percent. ApexChat provides industry-trained human agents at the client’s disposal. They are waiting until consumer opinion shifts in favor of it or when the technology as a whole is advanced enough to more closely match that of a human to human chat experience. Currently, their AI works in a supplementary role where it provides their chat agents suggestions they can adjust and send to the visitors in order to improve responses, time and overall quality. However, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t innovating.

To make business communication ubiquitous, ApexChat has recently integrated with Facebook Messenger. With this initiative, the company has paved a way for customers to converse with businesses’ ApexChat chat agents via the Messenger platform. When a customer initiates a conversation on Facebook Messenger, an ApexChat agent handles the conversation and then delivers lead information to the particular client.

The efficacy of ApexChat as a business communication problem solver can be demonstrated from an instance where one of their clients leveraged the company’s Facebook Messenger integration to conduct their business communication. The client began featuring the “Message Us” call-to-action that Facebook offers through its ad service. Apart from reducing costs and the burden on their call center, the integration helped the client generate qualified leads in excess to what they were generating using legacy technologies. The Messenger integration is an example of the driving factor behind the company’s booming popularity: Its ability to stay current to evolving market trends.

With a keen eye on the future, ApexChat is focused on improving business communication by adding new features to its platform and infusing the attributes of business intelligence in its upcoming mobile app. Aiming to diversify its footprint in the conversational platform arena, the company is also identifying specific use cases where automated AI bots can begin stepping in to optimize website interactions. Also, ApexChat is looking at new verticals which it can cater to with an array of lead generation tools.


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Ashhad Syed, CEO and Co-Founder

ApexChat has been providing live chat software and chats agents businesses since 2008 to its clients. The company boasts about its website lead conversion with standard 24/7 coverage on sites and mobile devices. Furthermore, they also offer full English and Spanish language functionality. Today ApexChat agents are chatting on several websites of their customers. The company even provides white-label opportunities for marketing agencies and has a fully functional Facebook Messenger integration. ApexChat also boosts about offering outstanding customer service and offer no long term commitment with pay-for-performance pricing