Everyware, Inc.: Redefining The Customer Journey With Two-Way Text Messaging

Larry Talley, Founder & CEO
A U.S. Navy veteran, immersed in developing world-class software for corporations over the past 20 years, anticipated in 2015 that there would be a paradigm shift in enterprise communication over the next three years—customer service would move from calls to texts. Text messages give businesses the freedom to connect with customers conveniently, relieving customers from putting their lives on hold while waiting for an agent. “I knew that once text messaging became a preferred method of communication, customer service businesses like call centers would need the means to adapt,” recalls Larry Talley, Founder/CEO, Everyware, Inc.

Fast forward to date, when the shift is taking place and Talley's company, Everyware, is providing a full range of solutions that enable text payments and text communications. Through his proprietary technology, customers can interact with companies at every point in their journey. Unlike competitors just offering text or chat discussions that fall short of integrating scheduling and collecting payments, Everyware's solutions combine the ability to receive payments and schedule services all in one place. It not only fast tracks collecting payments by sending a secure link to purchase, but also an immediate text receipt goes out along with payment reminders.

Everyware extends its platform for two primary use cases—transaction and interaction. In the case of a sale, Everyware starts the conversation with text receipts coming from real phone numbers and revolutionizes it by allowing customers to text back when it’s convenient for them. Even if it’s bot technology sending the texts, the messages are highly personalized to give a human touch to individuals involved in transactions. For the hospitality industry, Everyware’s two-way text messaging enhances the guest’s experience before, during, and after their stay.

What's more? Everyware's technology can be deployed quickly without the need for complicated integrations.

The platform enables agents to handle multiple conversations simultaneously while reducing hold times to keep customers happy

“Consumers are happier because they aren't on hold to get service, and at the same time, agents can manage about eight to fifteen conversations simultaneously via text, which reduces cost. This is a win-win on all sides,” says Talley.

Customer service organizations face rising labor costs and higher customer expectations of service quality, generally leading to higher overall costs. According to a study conducted by Deloitte consulting in 2017, on Global Contact Centers, customer experience and service improvement are the top priorities to drive call center growth. According to the same study, SMS will grow by 200 percent in use by contact centers.

Where will the future of technology lead customer service businesses? According to the Global Contact Center study by Deloitte, voice communication is expected to remain the most “prominent channel for customer interaction,” but will lose ground to chat and messaging. This study identifies new channels that will address less complex customer needs, leaving very complicated interactions for phone calls.

Text messaging is now paving the way for customer communication within call centers and raising the bar for better customer service. It only makes sense that calls centers are looking to text messaging solutions like Everyware to revolutionize the way they communicate with their customers.

Everyware, Inc

Austin, TX

Larry Talley, Founder & CEO

Provides a powerful communication platform that utilizes two-way text messaging to enhance customer service and streamline payment processing

Everyware, Inc